Why Real Estate is going mobile and how you can.

Why Realtors Are Moving Away from Desktop CRMs To Mobile

Which Real Estate Agent/Brokers or Professionals Are Using A Real Estate CRM?

A new Real Estate CRM (customer relationship management) survey by a software ratings company has shown that a majority of industry professionals searching for a CRM service are looking to replace an existing product, while more than half of those surveyed still use basic methods like spreadsheets and paper to manage their contacts and business. Almost every single successful or top producing real estate professional is using a CRM. Use of a  real estate CRM or some sort of a CRM is the most dramatic differentiating factor between rich and poor agents. Almost twice as many rich real estate agents use a CRM or lead management system than poor real estate agents.


Why Realtors Are Moving Away from Desktop CRMs To Real Estate Mobile CRMs

The 2014 Real Estate CRM Software BuyerView report, analyzed CRM buyer trends, including the tools Real Estate brokers, agents and property developers desire most in a CRM product, and their motivations. The data was collected from 385 phone interviews collected by the company.

The days of agent’s showing a house on Saturday and following up on Monday are over. As the real estate market continues to become more competitive, agents must adapt, too. The best way to do that is by taking advantage of a mobile CRM – that way, agents can enter deal information quickly and shoot off a follow-up email seconds after meeting a prospective buyer. Now that’s what I call service.



The Mobile Real Estate CRM Just Makes Sense, What Success Looks Like On a Mobile CRM

Your CRM needs to be flexible so you can tailor it for each situation as necessary. Also very crucial, your real estate CRM should not tie you to your desk. Agents are constantly on the go and so should real estate CRMs; Real estate is (going) mobile. Speaking of mobile CRM, there are a few items that you must check off when comparing tools:

  • Make sure the real estate CRM offers a native app. Offline access is key for agents who are in and out of houses and must use their data plan to access client information.
  • Look for a responsive design. In other words, make sure your CRM adjusts its formatting for whichever screen you’re working on so you’re not scrolling all over the place in search of the field you’re looking for. It should look great on your tablet, mobile device and on a computer.


Is Shark Agent One of the Best Mobile Real Estate CRMs Out There?

If you haven’t heard of Shark Agent, you should be kicking yourself for spending money on expensive CRMs that aren’t even made for the real estate industry. Shark Agent is made for real estate agents unlike generic CRMs that try to support several different industries.


What You Will Like About Shark Agent mobile real estate CRM

Simple & Quick:

What struck me right away is that Shark Agent isn’t complicated. It’s easy to scan the website and find everything you need. It doesn’t take a lot of clicks to get anything done and when you do have to switch tabs, the pages load very quickly.

I didn’t need to use the Help tab at all to figure out how to use Shark Agent, but I did check it out for this review. It was easy to find what you were looking for and and the help section gives you complete yet simple answers so you can get back to work.


Importing Your Contacts:

It is very easy to import contacts into Shark Agent. All you have to do is to export your files from your existing CRM or spreadsheet into a CSV file. You can then match the fields in your file with Shark Agent and then it will import all your contacts.

BUSINESS BUILDING TIP: Be sure to add a short note on every contact of when and where you met them. As your list grows over the years, it is easy to forget where some of the names came from. You’ll appreciate these notes when you want to clean up your list and delete contacts who are no longer likely to help your business.



Mobile App:

Real Estate CRM is going mobile and so is Shark Agent. the iPhone/iPad app is free and makes it very easy to pull up your contacts, make phone calls, email, find addresses, edit records or add notes from your phone or tablet. You can also manage transactions and properties all straight from the app. Also central to Shark Agent is being able to manage tasks and stay organized.



In Shark Agent you can easily add tasks and tie them to a contact. Set due dates and who is responsible for each task. Notification settings allows you to give yourself reminders or be notified when your team members complete tasks.


Contact Records:

The way Shark Agent handles contact records is my favorite thing about Shark Agent. The contact summary list can be sorted by first or last name, status, emails etc. You can also filter out contacts by using tags. Once you open up a contact record, you see all of the contact information on one page. This is a HUGE improvement over the multi-page view used by Top Producer. You can easily edit everything in the record from this screen and you can add notes as comments.



Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 6.33.04 PM


Rather than a complicated system for assigning contacts to groups, Shark Agent uses tags to make it easy to pull up a subgroup of contacts. You can add or remove tags for each contact with one click, or mass update tags for a group of contacts. You can create tags for Clients, Seller Prospects, Buyer Prospects, Investor, Referral Source, Family etc.

With an unlimited number of tags, you can create subgroups of contacts for just about everything. You could create tags for friends, golfers, bloggers and your holiday card list. This feature alone is worth using Shark Agent. Imagine creating a tag for everyone you met at a conference or all of the people who do not like homes with HOA fees. No more mass emailing things to people that won’t interest them. Instead, use your tags to build your relationships by sharing with them only the things they care about. You can filter by tags by searching based on the name of the tag and with one click you can pull up all of the contacts that have been given one of your tags.


BUSINESS BUILDING TIP: Be sure to create a tag for people who have referred business to you. These people are helping you build your business and deserve special attention.



One of the challenges you may have had with every other CRM is storing extra information not accepted in the CRM. Let’s say you wanted to store the religion of a contact. You may be forced to put them in as notes but having to look at notes for the religion of a contact all the time can be a pain!

Shark Agent solves this problem.

You can simply setup a custom field and call it “Religion”. Next time you go to your leads, you should see a field called Religion where you can enter the religion of your contact or lead

I love this feature.

BUSINESS BUILDING TIP: Create a field to keep track of who knows who. You could call it “friend of” or “Knows”. If you mention people you both know when chatting, they’ll be amazed at how well you remember them.



One of the differentiating factors between Shark Agent and other real estate CRMs or other CRMs in general is the ability to track property or transaction information. Shark Agent allows you to manage your transactions. You can track the different offers that people make on a property as well as track showings. This makes Shark Agent very real estate specific.


Email Drip Campaigns:

Any powerful real estate CRM should enable or make it easy for an agent to stay in touch with clients. Drip campaigns are a big deal to a lot of real estate agents and sales professionals trying to solidify a new relationship and move a potential client down the sales funnel.

What is a Drip Campaign?

Drip campaigns are a little different than signing someone up for your newsletter. With a newsletter, the new contact gets all future newsletters that go out at the same time as everyone else.

In contrast, drip campaigns are a series of emails that go out in a particular order and are spaced out on a predetermined schedule. For example, a drip campaign might be set up for Email 1 to go out within 24 hours of  the new contact being added to the drip campaign. Email 2 may go out 3 days later, followed by Email 3 on day 7. Using a drip campaign means that every prospect is led through the same series of emails with the goal of getting them to make a purchase or hire the salesperson.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 6.36.22 PM

Mass Emails:

You can mass email out of Shark Agent, You can send a simple email to all of the contacts you have tagged as investors when I run across a property that is a great rental opportunity. Or you might pull up all of my contacts that live in a certain zip code to let them know about an event happening in their town.


Is Shark Agent Right the right real estate crm or contact manager for Your Business?

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