If you are a real estate agent not using a Real Estate CRM and Email Marketing software to outreach future prospects and past clients, then you are losing business.

Why Do Realtors Need to Use a Real Estate CRM and Email Marketing?

Why Do Realtors Need to Use a Real Estate CRM and Email Marketing system

Real estate is a relationship business. It is a people business with a service attached. Agents who work their sphere do not suffer the peaks and valleys of under-performing agents because they are constantly filling their pipeline with people who might one day become clients. With the right CRM, agents should be able to drive more closings and realize steady business and higher sales. A Real Estate CRM and Email Marketing is crucial to the success of any real estate team.


What is a Real Estate CRM?

A Real Estate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform helps real estate professionals streamline the process of staying in touch and top of mind. A crm will help an agent:

  • Make more money
  • Foster relationships
  • Automate marketing
  • Be consistent
  • Create value


How Does a Realtor Use a CRM?

Realtors will use crm in a variety of ways. There is no one size fits all way. At the very basic level, they will work their database by inputting all the contacts they are working with or plan on working with. Task management is essential to making sure that one stays on top of things. A true real estate crm must have a task reminder system built in to remind agents of what to do for each contact they are working with; it must have a follow up system.


Moving to a Mobile CRM – The Steps To Get Started, Adding a Contact to Your Mobile CRM

Most real estate professionals are always on the go so why not have a crm that moves with you? A true mobile crm must run on your smartphone or tablet as an app. It must be able to let you work offline during those times when you have a bad internet connection. A mobile CRM must let you add, edit and delete contact information on the go. Ideally it should be cloud based.  (See Shark Agent mobile CRM). Adding a contact or building your database should be one of the first steps to be done after you’ve chosen the preferred crm. Most mobile CRMs will provide a way for you to import your leads or contacts into the crm.


What is an Email Marketing Campaign

An email marketing campaign or a drip campaign is an email communication strategy that sends, or “drips,” a pre-written set of emails to customers or prospects over time. This will save you the hustle of manually having to send emails. Drip campaigns can also be made more personal if you have information such as your recipients name, address, phone or other personal information that can be inserted in emails. Realtors use email campaigns to stay in touch and warm up their prospects. Some may also use it as a way of sending out monthly or weekly newsletters to past clients hence re-engaging and gaining more business.


Creating an Real Estate Email Marketing Campaign in Five Steps

Unlike batch-and-blast email marketing, drip campaign software offers an effective way to stay engaged with a targeted audience over an extended period of time. By delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right person, you’ll greatly increase the impact of your efforts. In other words, email marketing drip programs are a win-win-win! Here are some tips to get you started. Here are 5 easy steps to get started:

  1. Determine the real estate email marketing software you want to use.
  2. Determine the audience for your drip campaign efforts.
  3. Create a series of relevant and contextual email messages that pertain to the purpose and audience.
  4. Deploy, monitor and adjust accordingly. While the drip program is automated, it shouldn’t run without being monitored and evaluated.


Setting Up Your Email Templates

Setting up your email templates should be very straightforward. Most software simply require you to input the email content then the reference point for firing off the email. If your email marketing software is tied to a crm, you may be able to automatically include the recipient’s name, email, phone etc. hence making emails more personal.


Best Practices for Writing Email That Gets Read

You have around 3-5 seconds to persuade a recipient that your email is worth reading. The design of your email plays a big role in helping make that happen OR preventing that from happening. Here are some essential best practices to guide you when you are designing your emails.

  1. Use attention grabbing text
  2. Put key information at the top
  3. Keep your design clean and simple
  4. Limit email width to 600px wide. Most readers don’t like to scroll side to side
  5. Stick to basic html
  6. Match fonts and colors to your brand standards
  7. Make your call to action standout


Setting The Frequency for Your Real Estate Email Marketing

You don’t want to inundate your clients or prospects with too many drip emails and it’s generally better to spread out the frequency. Each real estate drip email campaign should be relatively short. The frequency of emails should drop off as the real estate drip campaign moves further along. Also, make sure that you inform your recipients of the drip email campaign, how many emails you’ll send, and when they can expect the emails. You will decrease the number of unsubscribes if you tell them what’s happening.


The Three Real Estate Email Marketing Campaigns You Need to Have Ready for Every Kind of Client

Real Estate offers a unique opportunity for relationship-building, because a lot of time can pass from when someone expresses interest to when they actually decide to make a purchase. It’s very important that you build a relationship with your list. These three real estate email marketing campaigns can help you with that:

  1. Home buying tips
  2. Marketing trends
  3. Local facts – Where should I buy?


The 90-Day Mobile Real Estate CRM & Email Marketing Challenge

Customer relationship management and email marketing are very crucial for every business including real estate. If you’ve ever been skeptical about using a crm & email marketing this is the time to try it! Take this 90-day challenge of using a real estate mobile crm and real estate marketing software and see the difference that it makes.

This 90 Day Challenge is designed to help you effectively:

  1. The first step is to identify and signup with a preferable crm and email marketing software (let’s go with Shark Agent) for your real estate business.
  2. Build a list of clients or prospects you would like to email to
  3. Build a list of interesting content that will help building a better relationship with your clients.
  4. Follow up and analyze the reports from your campaigns.

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