You wish there was more time in the day, but can never seem to find it. See how more agent's are freeing up time by using a mobile CRM and email marketing system.

Why A Real Estate Mobile CRM and Email Marketing App Will Make You More Productive

You wish there was more time in the day, but can never seem to find it. See how more agent’s are freeing up time by using a mobile CRM and email marketing system.

Why A Real Estate Mobile CRM and Email Marketing App Will Make You More Productive


Office based CRM systems are powerful tools, but once outside a computer environment the user is completely disconnected from the wealth of information afforded by the CRM.

Increasingly, most real estate people are away from their offices and as we know, booting up the laptop to log a casual chat with a prospect is not a viable option when on the go.

As competition increases, it is crucial for your real estate sales team to be on top of its game. You want  to show up to a meeting or an open house with all the information one needs to win the trust and confidence of clients and close the sale. Gone are the days of “I will email you the details tomorrow”. And if you are using your real estate CRM correctly, every interaction with a customer must be logged in. No more “I was on the road excuses”.


A mobile CRM allows you to work on the go

A real estate mobile CRM provides real estate agents and professionals with immediate access to important information such as tasks that are due, notes about clients, statuses or current state of progress with leads and clients. This will help your agents or you as a real estate professional plan and prepare for a meeting on location, or be reminded to follow up with a prospect while on the road.

Not too long ago, being away from the office equaled a complete information blackout. Now with the dominance of smartphones/tablets, a mobile CRM, productivity can be boosted by having real estate agents keep in touch with a higher number of prospects while on the road.

Mobile CRM’s are also a great tool to collect information at the source. Reducing the number of steps between the original source of data (a conversation with a client) and the collection of the information (log it into the CRM) reduces the chance of failing to update the CRM.


A mobile CRM and email marketing app simplifies everything

When real estate mobile crm is combined with an email marketing, it simplifies everything. Not only are you able to keep up to date with information from your CRM but you are able to stay in touch with clients or leads and follow up with people from wherever and whenever. Email drip marketing campaign when used properly will help engage your clients and increase sales.


5 ways that a mobile CRM and email marketing app give you back hours every single day

  • Research by Innoppl Technologies shows how 65% of sales reps who work at companies that have adopted a mobile CRM have achieved their sales quotas as opposed to just 22% of reps from non-Mobile CRM enabled companies.
  • By having all the required information at their fingertips, real estate professionals are no longer wasting time looking for contact information or trying to recall what was the last conversation they had with their prospect.  This enables the sales rep to spend more time having meaningful conversations and ultimately selling.
  • With email marketing, you do not have to manually spend time trying remember to send daily or frequent emails. They are all triggered and sent off at the set trigger times. A drip email system will relieve you and help you focus more on other important parts of your business.
  • Mobile CRM shortens the sales cycle. Closing sales with fewer interactions allows a sales rep to dedicate more time to prospecting or working on “new opportunities” therefore increasing their earning potential.
  • Production and Planning are Faster.


Why a mobile CRM and email marketing app will save you money

A mobile CRM will free your time from several repetitive tasks. Agents and other real estate professionals can focus their time and energy on prospecting and closing deals and making more money. You will never forget or lose an important deal just because you forgot to follow up with a client. Also compared to hiring a personal assistant, a mobile CRM is a lot more cheaper and a lot more organized.


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