The Top 11 Marketing Tips For Realtors On The Go

The Top 11 Marketing Tips For Realtors On The Go

Your marketing ideas are only as good as your ability to execute them on a regular basis. That’s why we’ve highlighted 11 marketing tips that you can launch from your mobile phone or tablet.


  1. Real Estate Marketing Tip #1 — Automate your emails

Automation helps everyone, from the experienced professional handling multiple social media accounts and email drip campaigns to the novice just setting up their Facebook account and website. There are agents who feel the use of any sort of automation takes “personal” effect out of their work. This can be true and false. For real estate agents, there are tasks that can be scheduled to reduce the amount of time they consume — but there are also some duties that need to be handled manually. Knowing which activities can be automated and which should. Automating your emails can greatly benefit your marketing efforts. Emails such as newsletters or digests should be automated. Get started here with your search for an email marketing tool.


  1. REMT #2 — Start Using a Mobile CRM

As real estate agents, you are usually on the go working outside the office so why not have a customer relationship management (CRM) software that is mobile? When picking out a CRM make sure it comes with a mobile app that let’s you access your information and ideally made for real estate agents or the real estate industry. To get started on a mobile real estate crm app check out Shark Agent.


  1. Utilize Short Text Codes on Your Signs

Try using or or qr codes in your signs. This makes it easy for passerbys or potential customers to easily access information. Most smartphone users today have a QR code scanner on their phones to scan and access web content such as your website. Check out Drive By Technologies on how to incorporate signs.


  1. Create Canned Email Responses to Copy/Paste

Keeping a library of canned responses ready to go in my email makes it so much easier to respond and provide information to prospects and clients — even when you are out showing property or on appointments.


  1. Use Facebook Page Manager for Quick Daily Updates

Every real estate agent should have a Facebook page. Facebook Page can be utilized to get high-quality leads better than your Personal Profile. Make sure to use Facebook Page Manager to update your followers or keep your visitors coming back.


  1. Use a transaction management app to make sure you aren’t missing out on any tasks

Being a real estate agent can be very demanding and the biggest mistake is trying to do or keep up all your transactional requirements in your head. A transaction management app helps you keep on top of your real estate transactions. If you are looking for a simple to use transaction management app, check out Shark Agent. There are also other popular options like Skyslope and Dotloop.


  1. Use Slack to communicate with your office staff

Need to stay in touch with office staff and other team members? Check out Slack.


  1. Use a Document Digital Sign App

Rarely do you complete a transaction in real estate without a signature. There are a plethora of apps that let you sign documents from anywhere at anytime. Check out Hello Sign, or DocuSign.


  1. Listen to Audible in the car and search out productivity books

A great way to keep productive while driving to appointments or other business related events is by listening to audiobooks. Audible is a great sight that let’s you do that.


  1. Track your sleep

Make sure to get a goodnight sleep. You’re so much more effective when you wake up in the right wa. Want to track your sleep as well? Check out SleepAlarm.


  1. Snapseed (make your property photos pop) & Stitch (for adding arrows to property photos)

Find yourself wanting to mark up a photo or diagram? Check out Stitch from Evernote. Want your property photos to pop? Snapseed can help with that.