Shark Agent Releases Mobile Real Estate CRM with Built-In Email Marketing Services

Shark Agent Releases Mobile Real Estate CRM with Built-In Email Marketing Services

Shark Agent Releases Mobile Real Estate CRM with Built-In Email Marketing Services


Shark Agent, an industry leader in mobile real estate CRM and email marketing software and technology, has released an innovative mobile real estate crm and app that real estate companies are raving about. With the economic pressures of brokers & agents wanting to cut expenses in their management operations, they are turning to technology to accomplish this.

Staying up-to-date and keeping in touch with contacts and leads etc is crucial for a real estate agent or professional of any size big or small team and it can be difficult for a broker/owner’s time to manage this process. “The industry has spoken and the advancement of mobile devices have prompted real estate professional companies to want to utilize their tools they already carry on a daily basis.” said Sean Thomas, Co-Founder of Shark Agent. Shark Agent allows real estate professionals such as agents and brokers of real estate teams to use their mobile devices they already have, such as their smartphone or iPad to keep track of contacts, leads, transactions, email drip marketing, auto text comments such as notes to enable their sales processes. Broker/Agents are then able to manage their sales teams by seeing what transactions and prospects or clients their staff are working on or with.

“I just love the simplicity and ease of use of the app” says Amy Meringa, Realtor at RKM Realty.

Rather than having to drive back to the office or writing them in a notebook or journal, they can access all their necessary notes about contacts and due dates on the go at their fingertips. Shark Agent allows agents/brokers and other real estate professionals to keep track of a property’s history and allows them to even upload important documents related to properties and transactions. Its rare today that realtors or brokers don’t already have a smartphone that they use everyday. Since most agents work in a team, they can communicate and assign leads, contacts or transactions with other agents and members of their teams as well. All they need is their smartphone or tablet to stay up-to-date on the different sales going on in their teams. Shark Agent has also been popular amongst transaction managers as it’s used to organize transactions.

Life may have just gotten much easier for real estate agents and brokers with the new Shark Agent real estate crm and email marketing and mobile app.


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