Review: The Top Real Estate CRMs for 2016

As your business evolves, so should your technology. See why it might be time to switch your CRM to something that you can manage on the go.

Review: The Top Real Estate CRMs for 2016

Shark Agent

Shark Agent is a real estate CRM built for real estate agents. The uniqueness of Shark Agent over other CRMs is with the mobile app, email campaign marketing and ability to manage transactions. It’s extremely simple and easy to use. Also Shark Agent is highly customizable. If you are looking for a complete cloud & mobile CRM because you are busy and always on the go or on the road, then this is the real estate CRM for you. Pricing starts at $19.99/user per month.



Contactually a CRM that helps helps small businesses stay in touch with clients. While it may not be real estate specific, it has a lot to offer for Real Estate Agents. It comes with mobile apps and syncs with the cloud version. First it connects your email and social media accounts to their system. Then they analyze your conversation history for each relationship and automatically prompt you to re-engage with the people that are slipping off of your radar. The dashboard shows daily reminders, notifications and various contact info. Pricing starts at $29/month.



WiseAgent is specifically built for real estate agents. It comes in a web version only. They specialize in data management and product integration. It has some good features for real estate such as drip campaigns and task management. Pricing starts at $24.95 per month.



Not real estate specific but more of a project management tool helps with reminders, campaigns and other tasks. It has nice file-adding and file-sharing capabilities. The standard package with very limited features starts at $12/month.



Propertybase is a real estate specific CRM. It’s built on top of SalesForce and helps you to keep track of everything to do with your leads and clients. It helps you send and track emails campaigns and newsletters as well. It is highly customizable. It also helps you manage transactions unlike some other CRMs. Propertybase is more on the pricey end of CRMS starting at $79/month per user (for a minimum 4 users) and $99/month per user (for a minimum 10 users)



Realvolve is also built for the real estate industry. It is a barebones CRM compared to other products out there. It is a cloud only version that comes with workflow program to help create simple or complex workflows for agents and brokers. You can attach documents and files to specific contacts.


Referral Maker

This is based of Brian Buffini’s prospecting system. It helps you simply set goals for your business and creates a daily action plan that outlines what to do, who to call and even what to say. Referral maker is simple and helps you take charge of your business while building relationships with new and existing clients. Pricing starts at $49/month.


Why Going With Mobile on Real Estate Makes More Sense

One of the factors to consider when choosing a real estate CRM is to consider if it comes with a mobile app. As agents or real estate professionals, you are constantly on the go so a mobile real estate CRM should be a high priority if you intend on working on your database from anywhere and at anytime. Check out this blog post on why mobile makes more sense in real estate.