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Real Estate Marketing Weekly Mashup – Week #1

Every week we try to post some interesting posts or articles about how to succeed in the real estate industry.

Here are some popular links, thoughts, and articles that have appeared to be very successful procedures for Real Estate Agents

Articles we are enjoying and pondering3 Terrible Real Estate Emails and How to Fix Them by Tyler Zey

Lead Generation Concepts to understand – Check out this article on how Lead Generation isn’t a problem. The article focuses on why how basing your business solely on Lead Generation leads to an unstable business and what can be done to improve it.

What rich & successful agents are doing – Rich or successful real estate agents do things differently. This infographic explains what rich agents do differently. It’s very interesting to know that the most dramatic difference between rich and poor agents is the use of a CRM. Almost twice as many rich real estate agents use a CRM or lead management system than poor real estate agents. It’s this systematic management of their database that allows rich real estate agents to build a high volume business. This is the most dramatic and visible difference in the entire survey. Need a CRM for your real estate business? Check out Shark Agent.