Mobile Real Estate CRM & Email Marketing App – Overview of Features

Deep dive into all of the mobile features that are making hundreds and thousands of Realtors and real estate agents more productive.

Most Realtors and real estate agents considered their contact management or database software an investment. This is because if there’s any piece of software that’s supposed to be integral to a real estate agent’s success, it’s the CRM. But with hundreds of real estate CRM options – some being free and others costing thousands of dollars a month – how do you know which one will be the best option for your business?


Contact Organization

Being able to organize your leads and contacts is very crucial to being successful in the real estate business. After all, pursuing new leads while maintaining close contact with previous clients takes precious time. Your real estate CRM should make it easy for you to find leads & contacts as well as tag and group them in whatever way you want.


Activity Manager

Being able to track tasks, notes and other details such as call logs are crucial for the success of a real estate agent. Your real estate CRM should allow you to do that with ease. Not only should it be easy to track but also to access pertinent data and information on the go.


Easy to use

Most real estate agents manage their own CRMs hence ease of use and setup is very important. Your CRM should be user friendly and not feel like 1987. Complicated software systems can end up being a hindrance to productivity. A simple real estate CRM should allow you to get the job done without always having to resort to the help section.


Calendar Functions

A crm should be able to plug into your calendar or even better provide a calendar functionality that lets you see your upcoming tasks and appointments. Shark Agent comes with a built in calendar that lets you see or your transaction deadlines, appointments, tasks and important reminders.



There are many cloud-based CRMs out there but surprisingly very few that come with mobile apps. In this day and age when smartphones have become prevalent, it is very important to pick a CRM that comes with a mobile app. If you are looking for a real estate contact management system, then Shark Agent is definitely the CRM for you.


Built-in marketing tools & marketing automation

Email marketing and drip campaign can be very important in your marketing efforts. Not only does it help you keep in touch with past clients but it can be a great way to stay in touch with undecided or potential customers down the road. Most real estate agents use email marketing tools and a great real estate CRM should come with an email marketing tool and drip campaign feature.


Every real estate agent or realtor needs a CRM to be successful. To sign up for a free trial of a real estate CRM visit Shark Agent.