Is Your Real Estate CRM Process At All Like This?

The old Real Estate CRM process

Many real estate professionals are still using systems like Excel spreadsheets and Outlook for managing their contacts and business relationships. Have you ever tried looking up an address or phone number on Excel on a phone? Not fun!


Why the Old Real Estate CRM system wastes time

Trying to look up a phone number in Excel or using pen and paper is a huge waste of time. It’s not a very scalable process because as your database or list of contacts and clients gets big, it gets a lot harder to manage.


The old CRM process in real estate wastes time

This is a huge waste of time because of lack of scalability. Also it is very hard trying to look up the information you want right away. Imagine trying to pull up all contacts that start with the letter ‘Z’. That is hard, if not impossible, to do using Excel or pen and paper. Your old way of managing contacts shouldn’t slow you up but rather should multiply your effort in


The old CRM system means you have to be in the office

A lot of these old CRM systems require you to be in the office to use them. They are simply not mobile friendly or extremely hard to use on your phone and tablet.

The perfect real estate CRM should be simple, easy to use anywhere and on any device.


Why a mobile real estate CRM is the way of the future

This is why it is essential to use a mobile real estate CRM. A mobile real estate CRM comes with a mobile app that can talk to the cloud hence allowing you to manage your business on the go. You should be able to manage your clients on the go just like you will be able to do behind a desktop CRM. Shark Agent is a popular mobile real estate CRM that comes with mobile app as well as a web & desktop version. Any real estate agent serious about improving their business should highly consider using a real estate CRM. A mobile real estate CRM is the way of the future.