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Full Walkthrough: Getting Started with Shark Agent’s Mobile Real Estate CRM and Email Marketing App

Getting Started With Shark Agent – Mobile Real Estate CRM

Are you looking for a real estate crm or contact management and email marketing app or software for your real estate business? Shark Agent is the best mobile crm for real estate industry. Here we will walk you through how to get started on Shark Agent.


Sign Up For Your Free Trial, Login

To sign up for your free trial of Shark Agent, visit the login page. Fill out the required by putting in name, phone, email address, password and how you first heard about Shark Agent. Note that the email address you choose will be used as the username for logging in.


Navigating Shark Agent – Mobile Real Estate CRM & Email Marketing

Once you are logged into Shark Agent web portal, you will be shown several navigation options on the left side bar:

Dashboard – This is where you can view all the tasks that you have due up till today. You can check off a task as complete when done or snooze it for another day or time.

Leads – This is where you can create, edit and delete contacts or leads you have in the system. You can also sort and filter leads in order to see what kind of contacts or leads you want to see.

Transactions – This is where you can manage the different properties or transactions that you have. You can add property information, upload and attach documents to a property, enter showings and different offers made.

Marketing – this is where you can manage all your email marketing which includes email drip campaigns as well as sending out newsletters. You can use merge tags (a way to dynamically add content to emails) in your emails and add a personal touch to emails.

Since Shark Agent is a mobile real estate crm, it comes as well with native mobile apps. The native mobile app has a very similar layout to the web/desktop version of Shark Agent.


Adding Your First Contact & Creating Your First Campaign

Every real estate crm should let you add and manage contacts and with Shark Agent it’s even easier! In the mobile app you can simply hit the ‘+’ button at the top left corner and it gives you the chance to add a contact manually or from your phone address book. Very simple! On the web version you can simply hit the “Create New Lead” button and go ahead to add all the information about the lead or contact you want. During the process you will be asked to enter a start date. The start date is the reference date from which all template tasks specific to a lead type are triggered. This will enables real estate professionals to stay on top of managing the different tasks specific to a lead or contact. Also in this section you can put a lead or contact on a drip campaigns.


Bringing On Other Team Members to Help You Manage Your Account

Are you part of or head a real estate team? You can totally bring all or some of the members on your team on to work together on leads or transactions you may have. Shark Agent’s mobile real estate CRM app is built around teams and teamwork. To add more users you can visit the Manage Users section or contact us at


How to Easily Create New Email Drip Campaigns and What You Should Create Them For

Creating drip campaigns in Shark Agent is very simple. You can create several different groups of drip campaigns and assign a different number of emails to the campaign. To start of first go to the Settings then click on the Drip Campaign tab. Next click on the Create New Drip Campaign button. Once Clicked you will be give. The option to give the campaign a name. The best naming convention is typically for the type of recipients who will be receiving the emails e.g. Past Clients. The video below explains best how to create a drip campaign.

[——link to video on vimeo or link to our supoport page—-]


Examples of Emails that Lead to Success

For real estate marketing there are several uses of emails in marketing. Like any real estate professional will mention, the best source of business is from referrals and past customers. Drip campaigns can be a great to get referrals. An example email that can lead to success in getting referrals:

Hi Joe,

It’s been great working with you and being a part of your journey in finding a home. Hope you have a great weekend.

PS: The biggest compliment I can receive is a referral. Please click here to help your friend have a smoother real estate transaction.

What you do is to have the “click here” point to your website or social media profile. The PS part of an email is usually one of the most read part of an email. You will also want to put your email in the CC line. This ensures that you can follow up with any referrals you receive.


How Often Should you Reach Out To Prospects?

It’s very important to reach out to referrals very often. There is no perfect way as long as it’s not in a spammy way. Staying in contact with propects is necessary to aid in building better relationship and trust. Email marketing is definitely a great way to stay in touch with prospects.


The Winning Formula

Real Estate business is a relationship business. The winning formula is to leverHence one needs a true real estate mobile crm and email marketing tool to win. Real estate agents and brokers, are constantly on the move hence a CRM and email marketing tool that moves with you wherever you go. In order to learn why real estate agents need a real estate CRM check out this blog post.

Real Estate professionals need a simple CRM and email marketing tool in order to win in this business. Shark Agent mobile real estate crm is the best tool to help you accomplish this.

PS: To learn more visit Shark Agent here or email