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Review: The Top Real Estate CRMs for 2016

As your business evolves, so should your technology. See why it might be time to switch your CRM to something that you can manage on the go. Review: The Top Real Estate CRMs for 2016 Shark Agent Shark Agent is a real estate CRM built for real estate agents....
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The Top Real Estate Apps for 2016

Technology changes on a daily basis. We’ve gathered the latest and greatest real estate apps available and put them all in one place. Home snap   Homesnap is the easiest way to get accurate real estate info – whether you’re standing in...
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Why Realtors Are Moving Away from Desktop CRMs To Mobile

Which Real Estate Agent/Brokers or Professionals Are Using A Real Estate CRM? A new Real Estate CRM (customer relationship management) survey by a software ratings company has shown that a majority of industry professionals searching for a CRM service...
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Is Your Real Estate CRM Process At All Like This?

The old Real Estate CRM process Many real estate professionals are still using systems like Excel spreadsheets and Outlook for managing their contacts and business relationships. Have you ever tried looking up an address or phone number on Excel on a...
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Full Walkthrough: Getting Started with Shark Agent’s Mobile Real Estate CRM and Email Marketing App

Getting Started With Shark Agent – Mobile Real Estate CRM Are you looking for a real estate crm or contact management and email marketing app or software for your real estate business? Shark Agent is the best mobile crm for real estate industry....
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How To Get Real Estate Referrals Like A Top Producer With One Simple Change In Your Business:

How To Ask For The Sale And The Mistake Every Real Estate Agent Makes At Least Once Let me take you back to middle school… You’re pimply faced and excited to be out at a place where you might actually get to touch someone of the opposite sex. No one...
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