Real Estate Email Marketing Done Better

Real Estate Email Marketing Done Better

The Top Reasons Smart Realtors Are Switching to Shark Agent’s Mobile CRM & Email Marketing App

Why are realtors moving away from generic CRMs not made for real estate professionals? Meet Shark Agent the real estate CRM for real estate professionals.


Contact & Lead Management

Every real estate agent or professional needs some a system to help manage leads and contacts. Shark Agent makes it easier than ever to manage leads and contacts using tags, statuses, sorts and filters. Record each contact’s personal and professional information and keep a journal of notes and correspondence. Send email, SMS, and phone calls directly from the application. Track referral and lead sources


Mobile CRM

Most real estate agents are mobile and so should your CRM or contact manager be. Shark Agent is a mobile first real estate CRM which will help you manage your business on the go. Through Shark Agent mobile apps, you can manage your contacts and transactions anywhere, anytime and even offline when there is no data coverage.



Lost your phone or did your kid just drop your phone in the toilet? No sweat your data is safe! Our cloud-based technology allows you to work from anywhere and on any device ranging from your tablet, smartphone to your desktop.


Automated Task Management & Workflows

Shark Agent allows you to manage repetitive tasks. You will never forget to follow up with a lead or client using Shark Agent. Manage your deadlines and capture important dates. Use the calendar to view the dates and tasks for a single contact, property, or transaction. Use the system calendar to see all your events.


Email Newsletters

It’s very important to stay in touch with current clients and past clients. Shark Agent allows you to send emails that feel very personal to your audience. Your emails will appear as direct emails to your recipients instead of as an email sent to many people.


Email drip campaign

By the way, if you think email marketing is dead, you might want to reconsider. According to the telemarketing firm Market Makers, “Over half of marketers say that email is the most effective communication method when targeting leads,” and “60 percent find that email is the most successful tactic for getting leads.

A good real estate CRM will have email and letter templates as well as drip marketing campaigns, created for you, and targeted to different lead types, such as for-sale-by owner leads, buyer leads and seller leads. You don’t need to be a marketing expert to start sending effective drip marketing campaigns.

Assigning each lead to a drip marketing campaign and/or your monthly real estate newsletter ensures you keep in touch with them over time. Remember, not all real estate leads will be ready to buy or sell right away. But if you’re staying in contact with them and providing value long term, you’re increasing your chances (substantially) that the lead will choose you when they are ready.


Transaction & Property Management

Enter and review all vital information in a simple, clean user interface. List all parties participating in the sale or purchase of a property. Maintain an album of photos and a portfolio of pertinent documents. Keep track of your important tasks and activities. Track important events, such as listing expiration and closing dates. Keep detailed records of services performed for seller reporting.


Offer Management

Shark Agent is one of the few real estate CRMs that let’s you track offers on properties. You can track and manage offers straight from from the Shark Agent mobile and web applications.



Manage all showings directly using Shark Agent. Never forget to show up for a showing using Shark Agent.



Tracking your metrics as a real estate professional is very crucial. Shark Agent gives real estate professionals the analytics they need to increase their profits. You can look track how many opens you have on your emails, how many of your leads have certain statuses etc. For brokers, you can track where your agents aren’t performing well and see where they need the most help. Shark Agent’s reporting feature helps


How Do You Manage Your Real Estate Clients and Email Marketing?