How to make your property listings happy

4 Things You Can Do to Make Sure Your Property Listings Stay Happy – Real Estate Course Series

4 Things You Can Do to Make Sure Your Property Listings Stay Happy – Real Estate Course Series

“You are not alone.”

This simple phrase, when used as a subject line in an email, had more open rates for Sean Platt of Copyblogger than any other he tried.

So, what can his success with email marketing teach us about pleasing our customers?

Sean states that, “I don’t want to be alone is a compelling, universally recognized statement.”

When a property owner hires a realtor or real estate agent, what they are really saying is, “I don’t want to be alone.”

Here’s how we’ve seen success by showing our clients that they are not alone…


Let them know you understand where they are coming from

It doesn’t matter how simple or complicated a problem is for a property owner. If you can show that you understand their challenge and have the where-with-all to help address the issue and find a solution, then you are already going above and beyond as a real estate agent.

By reaching out to property owners on a regular basis via phone, email, or written letter; you reassure the owner that you’ve got things covered. You showcase why they are giving you chance to list their properties. You highlight the value that you provide.

Displaying the challenges that arise each month around a particular property or the industry in general helps fend off buyer’s remorse. If a property owner feels like there are not any problems that come with listing their homes for sale, then they begin to wonder why they should hire and work with you.


Highlight your benefits and the value you are providing on a weekly basis

Create a system for sharing all of the solutions that you provide each month. This could be as simple as a template newsletter that highlights broader challenges that you are solving on the whole as a real estate agent.

Letting them know you are out there every single day, making sure you are there to represent their best of interest.

Help them throw rocks at their enemies (show them you know what they fear most)

There’s a trap that many agents fall into. They think that they’re only supposed to deliver good news. They believe that they should make everything look flowery and nice.

Sometimes bad news is the most valuable thing you can offer. If you’re looking to build trust, then honesty is key.

A property owner does not ever want to feel like you are telling them what they want to hear. They want to hear the good along with the bad.

Where you can showcase your value is delivering bad news with various solutions earmarked onto it.

Keeping property owners happy is about showcasing your value, delivering honest and accurate information, and providing solutions.

Do all of these things on a regular basis, through a phone call, email newsletter, or personal note and you’ll find that property owners fall deeper and deeper in love with you.